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Custom Matting

We offer custom matting in a wide variety of colors and textures. Paper matting serves two purposes: first, to prevent the image from touching the glass, and second, to frame the image and enhance its visual appeal.


We offer matting from the two leading  matboard companies in the U.S.

Follow these links to see their vast selection of mat choices. If you would like a physical set of mat samples, we offer a free set of approximately three dozen of our most popular mat choices.

Glass Choices

We offer a variety of framing grade glass options made by the glass industry’s leader, TRU VUE


  • Regular Clear - Framing grade clear glass. Use when conservation or reflection isn’t an issue.

  • Premium Clear Acrylic - (Plexi) This high-quality clear acrylic product provides safety and security from injury and breakage.

  • Conservation Clear - Provides 99% UV protection to help protect against fading.

  • Non-Glare Glass - This glass is chemically etched to create a matte finish that scatters light to reduce unwanted glare.

  • AR Reflection Free - This high-quality anti-reflection glass provides 78% UV protection and is optically coated to create a virtually invisible finish. 

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