Shipping Guidelines

We ship with FedEx.


We do our best to ship all orders as fast as possible. We ship many orders the same day. However, we do occasionally have mats and mouldings that are out of stock, that will hold up a delivery for a day or two. If you need a shipment by a specific date please make sure that is conveyed at the time that the order is placed.


It is very difficult for a member of the magnolia staff to "guess" the shipping cost of your order. FedEx uses a method of calculation called DIM weight to arrive at a dollar figure for your package. This is a combination of 3 dimensional space and the total weight of your package. There will be a minimum charge of $15.00 for shipping and handling on each order. A box that is big enough to hold a 20X24 frame will roughly cost $20.00 - $25.00 to ship and a box big enough to hold a 24X30 will average $35.00 - $40.00. To save on further costs, it is best to order smaller frames that can fit in the same box with larger frames, that way you can get more product for the cost of the shipment.


FedEx does not allow us to ship boxes that are more than 130 inches in 3 dimensions. This is why we cannot send you large frames that are joined. We do offer a discount of 10% on frames that are sent to you un-joined. We also offer you the option to truck freight for large items. The price varies by carrier but starts around $125.00 per delivery.


Under the "Links" section of the website, above, we have included a link to the FedEx website if you would like more information on the way FedEx calculates their pricing.


We currently deliver to 3 locations:

Charlotte, NC

Columbia, SC

Greenville, SC

There is a small charge for our delivery service as well. We deliver to these areas every 10-14 business days, depending on the orders we receive. If there becomes a need to deliver to other areas in the South-East we will consider adding more locations.