Discontinued Mat Board





We offer many unique custom mat options for our frames. Shown here are the most popular layouts. Feel free to customize: these layouts are just suggestions and there is no extra charge for customizing. So go wild! We also offer a wide selection of mat board colors. Please look under the "links" section of our website to see all the mat board colors that Crescent offers.







We have provided a pricing chart for mats and glass. The method used for determining these prices is by using "United Inches." For example, if your mat size is 12 1/2 by 25 1/4, you add the sizes together and round up to the next highest whole number -- in this case, the united inches total is 38 (37 3/4 rounded up to 38).

Now refer to the first column of the pricing chart, find your united inches and add up the materials needed for your project. IMPORTANT -- this total is your cost, not the retail price!

Discontinued Mat Boards